MCX Rise

Risk Type : High Risk

This service is specially designed for those traders who want to trade once or twice in a day for good profit with calculated risk. Team of expertise having depth knowledge of MCX provides generate calls through detailed analysis (Technical Pattern, Technical indicators, Price Trend, Volume Etc) in MCX Rise product by capturing good movements in all commodities. This product is best suited for traders who trade in all the commodities and trade in multiple lots. This pack has predefined SL, target & lots, so traders can easily calculate potential returns in advance.

Service Feature:

  • In this pack, we will provide 3-4 calls in a week.
  • Maximum 1-2 open positions at a time.
  • Each call consist 2 targets and 1 Stop loss.
  • Risk Reward ratio would be 1.5:1 in this product.
  • Proper follow-ups and Market News Updates.
  • Domestic and Global Market position Overview.
  • To avail high returns client must trade with lots mentioned in each call.

Medium of Calls

  • Calls will be given only on SMS & Instant Messenger.
  • India: All GSM & CDMA Networks Covered.
  • Additional amount of Rs. 1000.00 is applicable in opting services in SMS as well as Instant messenger.

Sample Calls

  • MCX RISE: BUY GOLD FEB (5 LOTS) ABOVE 31550 TARGET 31610, 31670 SL 31460.
  • MCX RISE: BUY ZINC DEC (10 LOTS) ABOVE 177.50 TARGET 178.10, 178.70 SL 176.60.