About - Client Service Group

We with a high customer retention rate know the value of client servicing. Essentially, this is the process of creating and maintaining a strong working rapport with each client. Often referred to as customer care, it is about understanding the needs and desires of the client, and moving to meet those needs in a proactive manner.

Ideally, this process is all about listening to the client, getting to know the client, and genuinely seeking to be there for the customer in every possible manner. One of the most important keys is providing the client with people who know the account well and are able to be of assistance whenever needed. The idea is to help the clients understand that he or she has a support team that is in place for the long haul. This approach builds a strong relationship all clients who ever need assistance and support.

Client service group is directly processing under observation of Compliance so that each and every client is served effectively.

Importance of CSG.

  • Effective reach to client ends.
  • Helps the client to understand the keys of market.
  • Issue resolution.
  • Better assistance.
  • Serve with highest transparency.
  • Open for Feedback.
  • Many More...

Direct Contact details to CSG.

Monday to Friday - 9 AM to 6.30 PM

Saturday- 10 AM to 1.30 PM

  • 0731-2444791
  • 0731-2444521
  • 0731-2444685